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20 Prayers for Favor

20 Prayers for Favor
20 Prayers for Favor

1. Prayer for Radical Transformation:

Prayer Point: “Lord, please break every chain that hinders my spiritual growth. Consume everything within me that is not of You. I surrender my old self and ask for a radical transformation. Let Your refining fire purify me completely, the the name of Jesus”

2. Prayer for Supernatural Favor:

Prayer Point: “Heavenly Father, I boldly ask for supernatural favor in every area of my life. Open doors that no one can shut and position me for breakthroughs that can only be explained by Your divine intervention in Jesus' name.”

3. Prayer for Supernatural Breakthrough:

Prayer Point: “God of miracles, I stand on the edge of breakthrough. I pray for a supernatural intervention that defies human explanation. Let Your glory be revealed in the midst of impossibilities, bringing forth breakthroughs that glorify Your name in Jesus' name.”

4. Prayer for Dismantling Strongholds:

Prayer Point: “Mighty God, I confront every spiritual stronghold that hinders my progress. By the power of Your name, I dismantle every obstacle, every chain, and every barrier that the enemy has erected. Let the walls crumble before Your might in Jesus' name”

5. Prayer for Liberation from Bondage:

Prayer Point: “Lord of liberation, free me from the chains of addiction, sin, and bondage. Break the shackles that bind me, and grant me the strength to walk in the freedom that comes through Christ Jesus. Let every yoke be shattered by Your mighty hand in the powerful name of Jesus Christ my Lord.”

6. Prayer for Uncommon Breakthroughs:

Prayer Point: “God of the extraordinary, I pray for breakthroughs that surpass the limits of the natural. Grant me uncommon favor, wisdom, and success. Let my life be a testimony to Your limitless power and grace in Jesus. name.”

7. Prayer for Supernatural Healing:

Prayer Point: “Compassionate Healer, I seek not only physical healing but a supernatural restoration of my body, mind, and spirit. Let Your healing power flow through every fiber of my being, bringing complete and miraculous restoration in Jesus' name.”

8. Prayer for Divine Retribution:

Prayer Point: “Righteous Judge, I place my concerns before You and ask for divine retribution against the works of the enemy. Let every plot, plan, and scheme against me be exposed and nullified. Arise, O Lord, in Your righteous anger in Jesus' name.”

9. Prayer for Kingdom Impact:

Prayer Point: “King of Glory, I desire to make a lasting impact for Your kingdom. Grant me breakthroughs that extend beyond personal success to influence others positively. Use me as an instrument of Your love, grace, and transformation in the name of Jesus.”

10. Prayer for Overflowing Blessings:

Prayer Point: “Generous Provider, in Jesus' name, I open my heart to receive the overflowing blessings You have promised in Your Word. Pour out abundance in every area of my life—spiritual, financial, relational, and emotional. Let Your blessings be a testimony of Your goodness.”

11.Prayer for Supernatural Favor:

Prayer Point: “Heavenly Father,in Jesus' name I boldly approach Your throne, asking for supernatural favor that transcends human understanding. May Your favor rest upon me, opening doors of opportunity, influence, and blessings that exceed my expectations.”

12. Prayer for Divine Overflow:

Prayer Point: “Lord of abundance, I come before You with open hands and a receptive heart. Pour out Your blessings upon me until there is no room to contain them. May my life be a testament to Your generosity and overflowing grace in Jesus' name.”

13. Prayer for Unmerited Favor:

Prayer Point: “Gracious God, I recognize that I am undeserving of Your favor. Yet, in Your mercy, shower me with unmerited favor. Let Your kindness and goodness follow me all the days of my life.”

14. Prayer for Blessings in Abundance:

Prayer Point: “God of all blessings, I stand in faith, believing that Your desire is to bless abundantly. Release blessings in every area of my life—spiritual, financial, relational, and emotional. May I experience the fullness of Your favor in Jesus' name.”

15. Prayer for Favor in Relationships:

Prayer Point: “Lord, grant me favor in my relationships. May Your love and grace be evident in my interactions with others. Open doors of reconciliation, understanding, and unity. Let Your favor permeate every connection in my life in Jesus' name.”

16. Prayer for Favor at Work:

Prayer Point: “Wise and Sovereign God, I seek Your favor in my workplace. Open doors for success, promotion, and influence. Let Your favor distinguish me among my colleagues, positioning me for greater impact and purpose,in Jesus' name.”

17. Prayer for Favor in Difficult Circumstances:

Prayer Point: “God of miracles, I face challenging circumstances, and I need Your favor to prevail. Turn the tide in my favor, Lord, and let Your light shine in the midst of darkness. Bring breakthroughs and blessings that confound every obstacle, in Jesus' name.”

18. Prayer for Favor in Decision-Making:

Prayer Point: “Lord, as I navigate through life’s decisions, grant me Your divine favor. Guide my steps, illuminate the right path, and let Your favor surround every choice I make. May my decisions align with Your perfect wil,in Jesus' namel.”

19. Prayer for Favor in Health:

Prayer Point: “Divine Healer, I seek Your favor in matters of health. Bring restoration to my body, mind, and spirit. Let Your healing touch manifest, and may my health reflect the wholeness that comes from Your favor,in Jesus' name.”

20. Prayer for Favor for Kingdom Impact:

Prayer Point: “Lord, I desire to be a vessel for Your kingdom impact. Grant me favor and blessings that empower me to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Use me as an instrument of Your love, grace, and transformative power in Jesus' name.”



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