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Praying and Fasting.

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

I really believe that at times God will put you in an uncomfortable situation so that you have no other choice than to seek comfort from Him alone. Whilst on vacation I went through some challenges that I never expected or thought I would ever come across. I was really at that point that I had had enough in different areas of my life but before I was going to give up ,I decided to seek the face of God to receive divine direction. I decided to write down how I was feeling and use the Word of God that relates to that issue and turn it into a prayer points. My prayer points included being closer to God, hearing clearly from God, My ministry and sowing into a Man of God's Church whom I follow. For today I will concentrate on these ones.

I was tired of going to churches, listening to prophecies,studying the Word of God and not getting any deeper revelations and a lot more , I wanted to HEAR FROM GOD DIRECTLY and have the conviction of knowing that it was Him speaking .I knew it wasn't going to be dramatic like in the movies where you see a bright light and a deep voice and I have been hearing from Him for a long time but I had allowed my spirit to hear other voices. I was listening and following many Men and Women of God and I knew they were truly called but it had over shadowed hearing from God and I was now questioning if it was the Holy Spirit speaking or a contrary voice. I needed to silence all those voices (man) and I stopped watching their preachings or sermons and went into the WORD OF GOD , prayer and fasting. My prayer points was "Oh Lord ,let me hear your voice clearly in the name of Jesus" and I stood on the verse Hebrews 3:15 while it says "Today if you hear His voice do not harden your hearts".


In relation I wanted to be closer to God, I was tired of the level I was at. You know if you do not hunger and thirst for a next level it will not come to you.I was tired of BEING STAGNANT, I wanted more of Him, I wanted to be able to say to a sick person be healed and instantly they get healed, I wanted evidence of God's anointing that would bring people to Christ. I wanted to be able to evangelise and let the anointing do all the work and I will be just a vessel for use. I prayed that I receive a hunger for prayer, the kingdom and for the things of God.I was praying for the Dunamis(dynamite) power of God and God's Presence.

I received many prophecies about going into ministry and accepting my calling. I kept wondering how I was going to do this and I wanted clear guidance from God and not from anyone else.I was having dreams and visions concerning the calling but they weren't clear and I needed to put All my trust in God alone. I prayed for God to show me my calling & my ministry. I needed to know what my stream or office was ,whether I am I a pastor, prophet, teacher, apostle or an evangelist etc.... I didn't want to be operating in the wrong office.God can call you to be a teacher and you go on to be a pastor and that is the wrong calling all together and you miss your mark UNLESS YOU RECEIVE DIVINE DIRECTION. So I definitely needed to hear from God. Ephesians 4:11 And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers.

I prayed these prayer points and others in the morning,afternoon and evening. My fasting was from 6am -6pm and this time was for God,whilst at work I would pray during lunch or in my heart as I do my work .This means for 30 days the only meal I ate was my dinner after 6pm. When I woke up, I would pray ,I read my bible and I would get into praise and worship.I found that I would feel the presence of God when I worshipped and I spent quite some time in worship ,I would go into prayer 1-2 hours in tongues.I felt closer to God during this time,I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and I would know that Jesus is with me and I didn't want to be anywhere else but there .I also read my some christian books as always but I concentrated on the Bible.The idea was to always be in the presence of God and the best way was to shut away from all types of noise(disturbance) I will elaborate further in the next article.God bless you and than you for passing by.


*LUKE 9:37-43 and Mark 9:28-29 (NKJV)- And when He had come into the house, His disciples asked Him privately, “Why could we not cast it out?” So He said to them, “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.”*

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