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Fasting and Praying Amiss

Updated: Jun 16, 2019


Hello everyone.

So this week I am talking about how easy it is to fast and pray amiss.As human beings its so easy to want what we want,calculate and see how we can make it possible to get what we want and yet confess with our mouths that we trust in God and yet we do not give it to God so He can handle it HIMSELF.You see God does not need our help in any way,He created the whole universe without anyone's help so we need to put all our Trust in Him and let Him be God.Most of the times when we pray, we pray amiss because of certain factors such as not hearing from God, trying to do it by ourselves,not trusting God,asking for things for selfish reasons and a lot more.

1.Are we Praying and Fasting because we have been prompted by the Holy Spirit?Has our Spirit been tugging at our hearts and telling us that we have withdrawn from Him and He misses fellow-shipping with us.Are we becoming more carnal(more of the flesh) than spiritual,are we losing our faith and our fire is burning out that we need to be in prayer to reconnect with Him?In my view one of the first reasons to go into prayer and fasting retreat ,because the Spirit of God has asked us to and if He is involved you will definitely have an experience with Him and He will strengthen you and empower you throughout the whole fast.

2.We should also check our motives.Are we going into prayer and fasting retreat to connect with God for spiritual growth ,enlightenment  and empowerment?Is it for a spiritual development or more of a physical development or a material need such as a car,money,house, job etc?Don't get me wrong these are all necessary in the life of a believer and others go into fasting for these things however it is necessary to know the reasons behind the prayer point so that you do not pray amiss and fast amiss.Is it because your brethren has been blessed with a new car and you want to compete so you go into prayer and fasting for a car?If that's the reason ,then it is  a selfish motive and God will not answer such prayers.Are you praying and fasting because you want a job with a higher position so you can boss your peers about once you are appointed?God knows everyone's heart and because of a cold heart He will not answer you.Proverbs  Chapter 21 verse 2"Every man's way is right in his own eyes,But the Lord weighs the HEART.

It is so easy to go into quiet time as one of my former pastors used to call it and be praying and fasting only to realise that you have been talking and starving.In my own case after doing my research I decided to write down my reasons for fasting and at the top of my list was a revival in my relationship with GOD.I needed more of Him and less of me.I needed more anointing and fire, different level of tongues,deeper revelations,more prayer and studying of the Word,I wanted my prophetic to increase to the next level,I wanted to pray for people and get results.It was more spiritual than anything else but I also wanted certain aspects of my life to change such as my finances,business,ministry,family foundation,and all sorts.I was laying it all to GOD during this time in the name of Jesus Christ  so that there can be a change so I needed to have my reasons written down  in a  plain and clear way according to Habakkuk Chapter 2 verse 2 Then the Lord replied "write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that the runner can carry the message to others".

I was trusting in God and I WAS READY FOR WHATEVER CAME MY WAY EVEN IF I DIDN'T LIKE IT.I had made up my mind that I was going to lay it  down by the feet of the cross and I wasn't going to listen to any other voice but God's voice and seek His face in the name of Jesus Christ.I REFUSED TO PRAY AND FAST AMISS 30 days was along time for me to just starve and talk and not get anything from God.Next time I will be talking about the prayer points and the actual fasting until then remain blessed in the Lord.


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Thankyou for this.


Awesome and powerful words and prayers

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