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What is Prayer ?Prayer is a time to pour out your heart to God.

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Life can throw so many different challenges and issues our way, and at times you wonder if the things that you are going through are even real or it’s a movie. Sometimes you go to bed hoping when you wake up in the morning every issue you have had would have disappeared right ? Unfortunately life is not like the movies and you have to get up and sort out previous issues and concerns as well as face the new day which will bring it’s own challenges. However, Glory Be to God who gives us the strength to do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Philippians 4:13

Boy does Life brings us different situations,at times all at the same time and it’s so overwhelming and you stop and ask WHY?The car stops working, you get laid off at work, you can’t pay your rent or mortgage, your business is not picking up,your spouse wants to break up, your kids are acting up in school, church members have been gossiping about you, you feel sick all the time, you lose a loved one, family is backstabbing you, sounds familiar? I think you can relate to some of these or at least you know someone who has been through something similar.Many a times we go through so many different things in our lives and we find that there is nobody there to listen. We call our trusted friends and family and yet they are no where to be found. You have been let down by so many people you just know that if you tell someone what you are going through you will be the talk of the town, your life is on social media platforms and your private chats have been screenshot and passed around the Internet.There is nobody who will understand you without judging you, and there is nobody there to help you. Life can be so cruel at times and You will find that you feel like you don’t have anybody to talk to, to tell your insecurities ,your fears,your failures, doubts , anxieties, worries, burdens and so much more.