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30 Prayers Points for Women

These prayers cover various aspects of a woman's life, including faith, family, health, and personal growth. Feel free to adapt them to your own needs and circumstances.God bless you.

  1. Heavenly Father, I thank You for the gift of life and for making me a woman according to Your divine plan.

  2. Lord, grant me the strength to trust in Your timing and purpose for my life, even when I don't understand it.

  3. Father, help me grow in faith and draw closer to You daily, seeking Your wisdom and guidance in all I do.

  4. I pray for Your Divine protection over my family, that You may shield us from harm and evil influences in the name of Jesus.

  5. Lord, give me the grace to be a loving and supportive wife, nurturing the bond between my spouse and I always in Jesus' name.

  6. Heavenly Father, bless my children with wisdom, health, and a strong faith in You,Jesus and The Holy Spirit.

  7. I lift up my parents to You, Lord, asking for their health and happiness, and that they may know Your love in the name of Jesus.

  8. Jehovah Grant me the wisdom to balance my responsibilities at home, work, and in the community, and help me find rest in You.

  9. Lord, I pray for the women in my community and around the world, that they may find peace and strength in You and may they know that You are with them always.

  10. Father, heal any emotional wounds or scars from the past and help me forgive those who have hurt me in Jesus' name.

11. Lord I pray for physical health and well-being, please may you protect me from illness and give me the strength to care for my body always.

12. Lord, guide me in making healthy choices regarding nutrition and exercise, so I can serve You with a strong body.

13. I lift up any financial concerns to You Lord, and ask for Your miraculous provision and wisdom in managing my finances in Jesus' name.

14. Heavenly Father, help me to be a good steward of the resources You have entrusted to me.

15. I pray for my friendships Lord, that they may be built on trust, love, and mutual support by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ.

16. Lord please give me the courage to pursue my dreams and passions, using my gifts and talents for Your glory.

17. Father anoint me to be a woman of integrity, honesty, and humility in all my interactions in the name of Jesus.

18. Father, please guide me in making decisions that align with Your will for my life.

19. I pray for the women who are struggling with infertility, that You may grant them the desire of their hearts and bless them with the children that they long for in the name of Jesus.

20. Lord, comfort those who are grieving the loss of a loved one and give them Your peace that surpasses al understanding.

21. Heavenly Father, I pray that when I face difficult choices, that I may seek Your guidance always.

22. Abba Father, please give me the strength to overcome any fears or anxieties that may hold me back from fulfilling my purpose in Jesus' name.

23. By the fire of the Holy Spirit, I pray for women who are victims of abuse, that they may find safety, healing, and support.

24. Lord, please surround me with a community of believers who will uplift and encourage me in my faith journey in Jesus' name.

25. Father, help me to be a woman of prayer, consistently seeking Your presence and listening to Your voice in Jesus' name.

26. I pray for the divine anointing and wisdom to mentor and support younger women in their faith and life journey.

27. Lord, make me a beacon of love and hope to those who are hurting or in need in Jesus' name.

28. Heavenly Father, I surrender my worries and anxieties to You, trusting that You will provide for my needs in Jesus' name.

29. Elohim, Help me to be a woman of gratitude, always recognizing and appreciating Your blessings in my life.

30. Lord, I pray for the strength to persevere in my faith and to continue growing as a woman of prayer, faith, character, grace, and love in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray.

May these prayer points bring you closer to God and His abundant blessings in your life as a woman of prayer, faith, character, grace and love.

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