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Updated: Jan 6

A new year has arrived! And like the year before it, this new 365 days has come with much anticipation.Happy New Year!!!!Many people begin January 1 with goals, hopes, dreams, and perhaps even a plan of action for all that they would like to accomplish. The possibilities for a new year’s list of resolutions are truly endless. Some of the most common include exercise routines, healthier eating, progress at work, and quality time spent with family. Life goals and resolutions can be a great way to begin a year. For Christians, the start of a new year arrives with reminders afresh of the glorious promises that God has made to His beloved people through the Bible. For Christians those who have repented of their sin and received Jesus Christ as their Savior a new year is a chance for renewed commitments to seek after God and to share the good news of Jesus.This past year may have brought plenty of blessings and unexpected challenges for all of us, but the beginning of a New Year gives us a a fresh start for hope and commitment and an opportunity to better ourselves spiritually. The fact that we are still here and managed to cross over into 2023 means that God has a plan for us. We can look forward to the New Year as we see God's love and faithfulness.

The purpose of this 7 DAY PRAYER BULLETS DEVOTIONAL is to motivate you to return to prayer and to challenge you to pray boldly and consistently. Our prayer for You is that as you take part in this prayer journey, the Spirit of God will revive your spirit and ignite the hunger and thirst for prayer , helping you to make it an essential and important part of your daily lives. May your lives be transformed completely